The Revolution Defined: radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, …etc. – TCI’s revolutionary loan origination software gives lenders the ability to just do it!

These are the affordable features in DecisionLender 4 that can expand your universe:

Rules Management

Rule Editor #1

The Administrative User with proper authority can implement credit policies for each loan type whether secured lending or unsecured, direct lending, indirect lending, online lending, automobile lending, power sports lending, retail lending or merchant lending, or personal loans. From the Rules Library select the rules and values to build your credit scorecard… no more waiting for “tickets” to be coded and deployed. You control it so you can have same day, live changes or schedule when a scorecard goes into effect. Build your own rules for pre-screen, common, tier and funding. Make these even more effective by providing multi-level compound rules which have a cascading effect to achieve the exact output you want. Not in the library? Write it yourself.
Next step, test your model in your sandbox site. When you’re happy with the results, use the utility to upload your decision model to your live site. Yes, that’s correct, unlike other software, no rekeying the test rules into your live site, which obviously leads to errors.

Visual Management: A Dashboard to provide insight

Dashboard #2

A dashboard enables each role in the organization to receive vital information to help them perform their work optimally. Underwriters and Funders see their data and Managers see the big picture. Monitor data points that are important to your organization and compare results against projections. Everyone in the organization knows how they are performing in real time.

Alerts, Messages, Notifications

Alert Queue #3

To run an effective organization everyone must be kept up to date with the latest information including issues that need immediate attention. Each role within the organization can receive an actionable alert directing them to perform an event whether it’s a notification of an app from a critical loan source that requires immediate attention or a message from a loan source. Announcements distribute information to all qualified individuals, keeping them up to date on new procedures, critical updates or new government mandates.

Intelligent Work Flow

Intelligent Work Flow #4

Design a unique work queue that meets your needs for each individual loan type including direct lending , indirect lending, online lending, automobile lending , power sports lending , retail lending or merchant lending , or personal loans. Within that loan type design a work flow that can apply a rule to route an application to the appropriate next step or route your best opportunities or customers to the top of the queue. Tie authorization and permission levels to roles (security level and decision level authority) so that decisions are automatically driven to the appropriate authority level each step of the controlled loan origination process.

  • System supports centralized underwriting or de-centralized with branch functionality.
  • Configurable User & Permission Roles
  • Configurable Policy Violations
  • Automated versioning on all deal structures and the ability to move between versions before selecting the final version.
  • Regional market segmentation- Within the loan type, define a unique entity such as a group of states or a market area and apply controls applicable to that region.

Information and Analytics

Information and Analytics #5

More than standardized reports are needed to dig deeply into how your organization is succeeding. Your operation is unique and you need information and the ability to analyze that information.

A robust suite of reports are available in DecisionLender 4.0 but these aren’t just industry standard reports. Each report comes with lots of data columns and graphs, by employing drop and drag controls, you can build a report from scratch that will fit your needs. Or for the more sophisticated user via our standard API, utilize your own internal development staff and construct any report you can dream up.

Auditing and Compliance

DecisionLender 4 provides detailed audit capture with search capabilities for administrative changes and for applicant activity. This lending compliance feature includes a complete audit capability in all Admin Set Up functions and configurable tools so that every modification to critical features such as rates, rules, authority levels, and policies are documented providing information about who did what, when.

  • Configurable dealer reserves and fee and discount Programs
  • Customized Notifications / Call Back
  • Create your own list of policy issues and provide a rules based evaluation process to identify when policies are violated.
  • Policy violations cannot be overridden unless the assigned severity level of the policy is within the users authority level.

Intelligent Stipulations

Based upon a program’s identified policy issue, DecisionLender 4 will automatically assign stipulations to the deal. No more “one-off” stipulations which can lead to disparate impact because one person was “stipped” for POI but another wasn’t.


The Funding process must insure that all agreed upon conditions and stipulations have been adhered to within acceptable variances by incorporating “Funding and Variance Rules” into your process. This process should include a flexible means for product add-ons and collateral verifications for secured deals. DecisionLender 4’s funding rules provide detailed information on calculations, variances and tolerance issues to enable the funder to quickly and compliantly move through the funding process.

Once a direct comparison between what was approved and terms of contract details are completed an identification of variances are displayed.  Out of tolerance conditions MUST be addressed by individuals with sufficient authority before disbursements are authorized.

Carleton-provided Regulation Z calculations validate virtually all contract amounts according to State and Federal Rules and Regulations including the identification of State Max Rate violations.

DecisionLender 4 provides a separate Net Proceeds tool to review existing fees, discounts, rate spreads and make adjustments or additions to the total Net Proceeds. The system can capture all the pertinent information to execute the ACH Transaction including NACHA file scheduling and generation – no more manual transactions.


Maintaining the highest level of service is the foundation of our business relationship with you and ensuring that our loan origination software infrastructure is reliable, accessible, and secure is paramount to us. That’s why TCI has formed a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the global leader in cloud services,
This relationship provides you with access to unparalleled performance and proven reliability.

How good is AWS? Simply put, it’s the top cloud environment in the industry. And that’s coming from Gartner Research, the experts in evaluating technology. It rates the Amazon cloud as the best in the business in terms of technology, scalability, customer service, and value.


Reliability – AWS operates in multiple, independent and fully redundant data centers, giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve. AWS’s multiple active database clusters are located in geographically disparate locations—but are completely synchronized—giving customers instant recovery in the event of any network or system failure.

Performance – AWS uses a unique cloud architecture that guarantees a high level of performance for TCI customers. Its automatic provisioning technology adds servers to TCI’s environment instantly, whenever demand warrants it. Combining this with huge network bandwidth, we deliver an unrivaled experience. TCI will provide information faster—allowing you to make your decisions quicker—thus satisfying merchant and borrower demands for the fast “yes”.

Security – Many of the world’s leading retailers, insurance providers, financial institutions—even NASA, US Government and Federal home Loan Bank of Chicago—rely on AWS for its’ compliancy with external bodies such as HIPAA, PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

Additional notable features:

Adverse Action

DecisionLender 4 loan origination system supports automatic assignment of adverse action reasons. This enables a lender to develop a standard and consistent decline process. While automated assignment of Adverse Action reasons is available the system still has the ability to have user determined reasons. A “drop down list box” of common, user defined denial reasons is available for these situations. Once declines or counter offers are executed, an integrated print and mail service is available to prove compliancy.


Our electronic paperless loan origination process enables you to eliminate as much paper as you desire. Integrated eFaxing link enables a dealer, merchant, or borrower to fax stipulation documents directly to the funding section. Integrated eSigning and electronic vault services for contract packages enable a fully-compliant procedure to electronically capture signatures.

No Power User

With DecisionLender 4, the “Power user” or “Expert” whose singular knowledge makes them indispensable and, therefore, a huge risk is eliminated. With DecisionLender’s easy-to-use setup functions and all admin changes recorded and auditable –no one is the “big kahuna”. And of course, the system is backed by TCI’s free total support group to answer questions, address problems and provide instructions.

Scheduled Rates

An administrator can compose and schedule all rate sheets for a loan origination program to automatically deploy without having to log in real-time and make those adjustments.

Dealer Scorecard

DecisionLender’s ability to assign rankings or utilize formulas to develop a dealer rating system enables you to drive an action off of the dealer rating. Examples include, if dealer is part of x group then move them to the top of the queue and use y rate table. Or… for dealers that exceed a certain threshold such as look-to-book then do x.

Credit Bureau

Credit Bureau #7


A standard view of the credit report is available but we have a new interactive, underwriter controlled query capability. Utilize filters to search for information contained in the credit file and display pertinent information such as all delinquents in horizontal columns so that you can quickly view the information you need.

Designed for Mobile Lending

Screen displays are resized for proper display of information for any device such as tablets and smart phones, automatically. Dealers, merchants, and consumers can use a mobile device for any part of the loan origination process: from initial application to work queue management.

Connections throughout your universe:  API

Through our API (application programming interface) you can connect to our product from any third party including a data source, any core servicing system, any verification data, any valuation data, anything, anywhere.  Long delays caused by waiting for cumbersome specs to be analyzed and then developer time allocated to code are eliminated.

Our first revolution cut costs and delivered a fast yes and the second revolution is about delivering information and vision. To sum it up, it’s a revolution that puts you in control at each step -so that each lending product, each employee and every customer becomes engaged in delivering results. Like DL3.5 it is still simple to use, affordable, dependable and importantly, no IT staff required.

Next step, SEE A DEMO and BELIEVE.