Through TCI’s partnership with High Cotton, a national leader in third-party mailing services for financial institutions, DecisionLender 4 takes the worry and headache out of Adverse Action Notices (AA) (letter of declination) correspondence and compliancy.  The system can also readily generate Risk-Based Pricing Notices.

This service streamlines all correspondence between lender and customer, ensuring that your customers receive accurate, timely and compliant AA’s seamlessly, through our fully automated and easily modifiable platform. You no longer have to worry about generating cumbersome paperwork in-house, or double-checking whether letters went out on time, or whether or not the correct compliant letter was used or retrieving paper for audits. All that and more is available with DecisionLender  4.

Easy to Generate and Modify

With DecisionLender 4’s intuitive and easy-to-manage system, letters of declination and counter-offer letters are automatically mailed, on the timeline you designate. Letters are personalized, with your institutional logo and information, and it is simple to adjust the mailing date, or cancel a letter, or then reinstate a letter, all with the click of your mouse. Any cancelation or reinstatement is time/date/user stamped for ease of tracking.

Simplified Reporting

High Cotton keeps an electronic record (pdf) of all correspondence mailed to your clients, so you can ditch those clunky file cabinets. You determine how and when you want to receive monthly reports; the system automatically notifies your administrator at the end of the month that digital copies of all AA letters generated the previous month are now stored and available for the next twenty five months in the digital repository.  And it’s beyond simple to search for whatever letter or customer you need, whenever you need it. You can search by client name or date, or range of dates, thus greatly facilitating audits. Alternatively you can download the file and store it on your system.


You can be assured that your customer data is encrypted and protected by the most stringent protocols, and once correspondence is mailed, the data is either deleted or stored (the required 25 months) your choice. Secure electronic storage means your records and reports are audit-ready at all times.

And More

This service can also be used for any correspondence with your customers, including welcome package or for follow-up mailings offering other services or products. It’s simply another value-added aspect of DecisionLender 4 – streamlined, reliable and responsive to your specific needs. If you’d like a demo of this mailing service, please contact (800) 824-9069 option 3.