Leasing programs are an essential part of many lending portfolios, but most loan origination systems don’t offer a sufficient solution for the unique requirements of a leasing program.  Therefore: DecisionLender 4: Lease! This new module enables you to offer more options to car dealers while also diversifying your lending portfolio and increasing your profitability. Efficiently  conduct accurate real-time calculations for the lease rate, term, residual value, sales tax, risk, and profitability associated with the lease.

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Simple and easy to use, DecisionLender 4’s leasing module fully integrates with DealerTrack and RouteOne to expedite the lending process.


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Secure leasing opportunities quickly to expand your portfolio and gain a competitive advantage over institutions who don’t offer leasing.  Request a demo today to see how the DecisionLender 4 leasing module can help you expand your lending portfolio today!

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