Help your loan sources to reduce the sales cycles – close more deals faster by having documents electronically signed in minutes.


Comply with corporate or regulatory retention requirements for business transactions and documents.

Maintain a secure audit trail on every activity throughout the lifecycle of the transaction.

Convert electronically signed documents to paper originals, with same legal standing and effect as paper signed documents.

Create legally admissible and enforceable electronic record packages.

Document Sets

Easily produce and manage comprehensive loan packages for any type of loan in any state. DecisionLender lets lenders define a collection of documents relating to a loan type by state, product, or other variables. The system will automatically generate the required documents for the new loan package.

TCI partners with eOriginal for the most comprehensive electronic document capabilities available today. eOriginal technology ensures the authenticity of Electronic Original documents, the identity of the signatories, the integrity of the contact.

eOriginal’s patented process provides the ability to create Electronic Original documents that are unique, identifiable, authentic and unalterable. These documents survive the execution of the transaction and serve as permanent, original source records in electronic form. Electronic Original documents are as authentic and trustworthy as signed, legally enforceable paper documents.

Signers use eOriginal’s electronic signature service to authenticate, consent, review documents, apply signatures and receive copies of signed documents.


eOriginal’s extensive legal and technology expertise in security standards, electronic negotiable instruments, and legal compliance as applied in production environments, provides customers with a secure electronic signature and the creation and management of legally binding digital source documents.

  • eOriginal technology integrates standard public key cryptography, electronic signatures, and document and transaction management. The technology enables secure electronic execution and long-term administration of transferable records such as retail sales contracts.
  • All documents tamper–sealed with digital signature.
  • Authenticated audit trails: digitally signed and date/time stamped.


The vault provides a secure repository to manage your eSigned Electronic Original® documents throughout their lifecycle. The vault allows you to tightly control and track access, status changes, and retention policies of eSigned documents. The vault provides the ultimate protection and compliance for your important documents through the use of digital “tamper seals” protecting the documents and their associated audit trails.

The vault is the industry’s first and foremost system built to comply with the unique requirements for management of electronically signed documents. The repository securely manages the original source record, while providing dynamic access and retrieval of differentiated copies to any authorized user (e.g. signers, reviewers, business owners, auditors, legal), while the unaltered Electronic Original document remains in the protected care of the system.


  • Create an authenticated, Electronic Original® document from your eSigned PDF files.
  • Make eSigned documents tamper evident and protected throughout their lifecycle.
  • Manage status changes retention and destruction policies through an intuitive user interface.
  • Real–time retrieval of watermarked electronic copies of original documents; for viewing, printing, or input to imaging systems and other downstream systems.
  • Create and maintain an authenticated audit trail of every action taken on your signed documents, from the time of deposit through end of life.


  • User authentication – multiple methods of user authentication including email/security code, OFAC lookup, knowledge based authentication (KBA) using “out of wallet” challenge questions
  • Mobile eSignature Capture – Smart Sign simplifies and streamlines signing within any mobile browser, by automatically detecting that a signer is on a mobile device. Smart Sign optimizes the signing experience through a unique user interface specifically designed for smart phones and other mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry)
  • Disclosure and Consent – record consumer disclosure and consent to comply with UETA and ESIGN requirements
  • Document Review – Present documents for review by participants within the signing room. Documents can be reviewed online, printed or saved locally. All review copies are identified as copies.
  • Document Distribution – Participants receive electronic copies of all documents in the transaction via email or download.


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