Electronic Faxing – Efficient, Expedient, Accurate

TCI continues its commitment to eCelerate your lending process by combining innovative 2-D barcode
technology with fax to electronically append documents (stips, member forms, contracts, etc.) directly to the
DecisionLender loan file. This process provides our customers with the ability to quickly fund loans and have
one centralized repository for all loan documents. eFaxing saves you and your dealers money and enhances
your control of the lending process.

How it works: DecisionLender incorporates a 2-D bar code on your offer letter; the merchant prints the
offer letter and utilizes it to fax documents to your assigned 800 number; this process routes the document
package directly to the application in the funding section of DecisionLender.
eFaxing is simple to use and turns a formerly cumbersome, tedious, error prone business practice into a
streamlined one-step process. This process eliminates the rush to collate the pounds of paper received in
one lump from a FedEx delivery. With eFaxing, loan funding can be completed faster, because the faxed
document package can be verified in one easy electronic step.

eFaxing eliminates:

  • Manually transferring paper data to other forms
  • Time and labor to file paper
  • Clerical error
  • Searching for misfiled faxes/paper
  • FedEx costs avoided (saves you or your merchant money!)

By saving time and labor, eFaxing saves money on the processing end. More importantly, it supports
business growth through enhancing your capability to close loans faster.

Accurate/ Secure/ Compliant

Fax transmission of all documents via 2-D barcode ensures compliancy and provides a ready audit trail. The
eFax automatically and electronically marries stipulations to the application, so you can quickly determine
whether all loan requirements are satisfied. Any missing information can be easily requested through direct
electronic messaging to the dealer. They can’t claim “Trust me, it’s in the mail.”

Because compliancy requirements and government guidelines are in constant flux, it is critical to have a
consistent, reliable process in place to reduce errors and avoid fines. Audits flow smoothly because records
are easy to retrieve since they’re all in one easily accessible database. Any waved stip needs approval and
there is an audit capture.

eFaxing simplifies the lending process.

  • Dealers love the ease and cost savings of eFaxing documents to the lender.
  • Lenders like knowing they have what they need to fund an application-correct data in the correct place,
  • Compliance teams like the consistency of the process and the security of a centralized document repository.

tc efax brochure - how it works

TCI’s DecisionLender continues to enhance, streamline and eCelerate your lending process by offering eFaxing with 2-D barcode as a central component to a fully electronic lending ecosystem. eFaxing helps ensure that all your lending requirements are satisfied and that loan approvals are fully compliant to your process. When you have a consistent, controlled work flow process you can have peace of mind.

Save time, money, close deals faster, improve security and accountability, and avoid headaches with eFaxing.


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