About DecisionLender: Meet the Revolution

Since the Internet’s infancy, TCI has led the way in harnessing web based technology to launch a consumer lending revolution. We were first to market with an ASP loan origination solution, shifting lenders from a labor-intensive, paper-based loan origination process to an all electronic loan origination solution. We continued to evolve DecisionLender 3.5 as new opportunities such as DealerTrack and RouteOne came of age. But market dynamics have accelerated in the loan origination space and have confronted lenders with enormous challenges – more compliance, more lending channels to respond to and a digital-native consumer who now expects an instant response.

That’s why DecisionLender  4 was created; to provide an effective loan origination system. It was time for a loan origination revolution that incorporated the latest new web technology available, a responsive page design and the capability for lenders to self-administer system parameters and rules. DecisionLender 4 enables you to design each of your consumer lending products so that they can conform to your particular needs, each employee can perform at an optimum level with the tools and information they need to execute and every customer receives prompt, secure service. With our highly configurable and intuitive loan origination system, you can customize consumer lending products for auto lending, online lending, retail lending, RV/boat lending, direct or indirect lending to fit your needs without investing in IT support staff or development resources.  Putting the control in your hands reduces your costs and avoids the potential loss of profits caused by failure to get your product to market.

Designed to meet the loan origination needs of banks, credit unions, and finance companies, the beauty of DecisionLender 4 loan origination system is both its customizability and its flexibility. We give you the ability to create a new loan product or modify an existing one immediately.  Combining this robust loan origination system with the affordability of both low up-front costs and pricing plans tailored to your needs means that it’s also your most cost effective solution. Our ongoing support and training make the transition easy, regardless of your current level of sophistication.

Competition in consumer lending continues to evolve, and TCI strives to keep you on the fast track to success. Your loan origination process need to move quickly and efficiently and that’s what DecisionLender 4 enables you to do.

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