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Loan Origination Solution

Your institution has options when choosing a loan origination system (LOS). When you’re in the market to upgrade your loan origination system, consider investing in a loan origination system that helps you future-proof your selection; one that fits your current needs and includes the expectations of your borrowers and account holders now and far into the future

What kind of loan origination system do you need to meet your consumers where they want to do business? A loan origination solution that facilitates digital lending and account opening services. One that enables consumers the option to apply for new loans or accounts anywhere, anytime, and on any device. A loan origination solution that ensures your organization can maintain a nimble response to changing market conditions.

You need a digital loan origination solution that offers functionality for an evolving marketplace so you can leverage its features to better support borrowers and account holders while you grow.


With features like:

  • Full configurability, enabling fast changes without IT resources, coding, or waiting for deployments
  • Support for all types of consumer lending (direct, indirect, retail, online, digital)
  • Multi-channel cross sell capabilities enabling you to convert one loan product into multiple loans or accounts
  • Deposit account opening for all consumer deposit accounts as well as specialty and business accounts
  • Developing lending model rules in plain English with natural language understanding (NLU)
    • Automate document mapping with NLU

Multiple environments and tools including

    • Demo environments to experiment with workflow changes, upgrades, or lending model changes
    • Test environments to test any changes before pushing to production
    • Test-It to run simulated use cases against decision rule changes, with over 300,000 searchable credit bureau test identities
    • Automated underwriting, counteroffers, and cross-selling options, that reduce decision time, increase efficiency, profitability, and wallet share
    • Robust analytics and reporting tools, including over 55+ immediately configurable reports
    • Works on any device, including mobile, desktop, and tablets

DecisionLender 4: Meet the Revolution!

For all those features and more, check out DecisionLender 4, a cloud-based loan origination system. This flexible platform is designed to improve your institution’s efficiency, scale as you grow, and meet the direct lending, indirect lending, and online lending (aka digital lending) needs of all your borrowers and account holders.

Direct Lending

  • Use the page layout designer to configure the look and feel of your loan origination system, improving efficiency by adding and/or deleting fields, and rearranging the layout of any page.
  • Create custom notifications, workflows, rules, and stipulations, and implement updates to your lending platform, all without waiting for technical support
  • Automate as much of the loan origination process and account opening procedure as you choose with a robust decision engine that can score an application, apply and enforce lending policy, automate stipulations, and create the appropriate contract package

Indirect Lending

  • Choose whether to use the proprietary DecisionLender 4 dealer portal or seamlessly interface with auto lending software portals: Dealertrack, RouteOne, and CUDL
  • Connect with a robust list of lender resources for auto, boat and motorcycle valuation, including Black Book, NADA, Kelly Blue Book, and Carleton Calculations for Reg Z
  • Fully digitize paper documents with e-contracting, digital document services (DDS) and CUDL SmartFund
  • Design your own process of automating decisions and counteroffers
  • Analyze performance in real-time with a robust suite of indirect lending interactive management reports


Digital Branch Online Lending

  • Offer any loan type with configurable screens and workflow
  • Provide a frictionless, mobile-friendly online experience for every device, with 24/7 online/mobile capabilities, single sign-on, prepopulated applications and robust fraud prevention integrations.
  • Responsive design that supports mobile devices, allowing consumers and employees to start loans, save progress and close loans from multiple locations, on multiple devices
  • Build strong customer relationships through our cross-sell module to pre-qualify and suggest additional loans and deposit accounts


Account Opening

  • Consumer convenience is the ability to open checking accounts, certificates of deposit, holiday savings, money markets, retirement accounts, and savings accounts from any device at any time
  • Enhance the consumer experience with single sign-on functionality that automatically populates applications with consumer information stored in your core system and verifies the user’s identity, presents disclosures or authorization documents, and captures beneficiaries (when needed)
  • Allow consumers to upload required stipulations from any device

Why Choose TCI?

As the foremost industry expert, TCI continues to lead in both product innovation and customer satisfaction. TCI’s experts all have real-world experience in lending, whether at a bank, credit union or independent finance company. We’re known for our customer service commitment, which extends through the entire implementation process so you can quickly go live and get ongoing support as you continue to configure forms and workflow. As part of our commitment to customers, we regularly host training events and make visits to clients to learn how to adapt our products to meet their needs in this dynamic lending environment.