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The auto lending space is competitive and profitable—but you’ve got to stand out from the crowd in order to get the business. You need to be faster, more automated, more connected and have more options to entice dealerships and gain borrowers. Every loan application is a race to the finish, and DecisionLender 4 is the vehicle that gets you there. Pull ahead of the competition and gain a reputation for speedy accuracy with software features that are critical for success in the indirect lending space.

DecisionLender 4 secures the dealership relationship whether for loans or leases, for cars, RVs, powersports, motorcycles, marine vehicles and more. The system connects with all the major dealer portals like Dealertrack, CUDL, RouteOne and others.

Friction-free integration with the software you need

  • Choose whether to use the proprietary DecisionLender 4 dealer portal or seamlessly interface with auto lending software portals such as:
    • Dealertrack
    • RouteOne
    • CUDL
  • And connect with a variety of services from these portals, including:
    • e-contracting
    • digital document services (DDS)
    • CUDL SmartFund
  • Connect with a robust list of dealer resources, such as:
    • NADA
    • Kelly Blue Book
    • BlackBook
    • Carleton calculations for Reg Z and insurance calculations
  • Fully integrate and automate your indirect lending process as much as you want, from collecting stipulations through funding, eSignature, ACH and data transfer to the core, to get a full digital experience.


Total control over workflow and reporting

  • Enjoy real-time reporting so you can track performance and risk throughout the day, week or month.
  • Analyze performance and better monitor your business in real time with a robust suite of indirect auto lending interactive management reports such as Applications Submitted by Dealer, Dealer Funded Loans, Decision Status Summary by Dealer, Exception Tracking, and Turn Times.
  • Enforce your back-end policy with our funding rules engine.
  • Access a detailed audit history displaying all actions from the beginning to the end of the lending process.
  • Allow dealers and users to upload required lending stipulations.

Increased efficiency, consistency and speed

  • Send multiple alternative loan options back on one applicant, through advanced versioning.
  • Get robust dealer reserve calculations and indirect auto lending discounts calculated your way.
  • Develop a dealer rating system that drives an action resulting from the dealer rating.
  • Ensure fast, flexible service with automated counteroffers and immediately send counter-decisions to dealers.
  • Employ a variety of auto-decisioning capabilities and options, including auto-approval, auto-decline, automated counteroffers and more. DecisionLender 4 supports any proprietary score model.
  • Simplify processes and workflow with an LOS that’s easy to use, no matter a user’s level of technological acumen.
  • Configure your workflow with immediate results—no waiting for IT updates and patches.
  • Create funding work queues based on roles.

Gain leasing support to expand your offerings

  • Offer more financing options to car dealers and diversify your lending portfolio while increasing your profitability.
    Efficiently conduct accurate, real-time calculations for the lease-associated:

    • rate
    • term
    • residual value
    • sales tax
    • depreciation
    • CAP cost
  • DecisionLender 4 is integrated with Dealertrack and RouteOne leasing interfaces.