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Direct Lending

Designed for branch and online lending, DecisionLender 4’s Direct Lending product is a full consumer loan origination system for all direct loan types, including collateralized, secured, personal and more. It can connect real time with your institution’s core system and supports an omnichannel lending experience. The Direct Lending product is a flexible, cost-effective, efficient loan origination software product that helps support a smooth customer experience for online or in-branch borrowers and a streamlined workflow for banks, credit unions and finance company staff.

Expedite loan decisions and workflows without developer resources

  • Take full control and never wait again for technical support to make code changes or implement updates to your lending platform.
  •  Adjust page layouts, workflows, rules, stipulations and more based on product type, on your own, without IT, tickets or patches.
  •  Gain a competitive edge by immediately modifying programs, rules and pricing based on market conditions and emerging market opportunities.
  • Fully automate underwriting decisions in the auto-decisioning process and track process exemptions during manual interventions.
  • Increase auto-decisioning with rule severity ratings, which allow the system to assess a score and automatically apply the appropriate stipulations.
  • Increase borrower satisfaction-reduce in-branch wait times and lines with fast auto-decisioning designed to quickly get borrowers in and out.

Gain speed and accuracy with personalized and automated forms and documents

  • Streamline document workflow with a rules engine that generates a dynamic loan package based on attributes and conditions of the application and integrates with many third-party forms systems.
  • Speed up the process with eSignature and instantly pass completed loan packages through to your imaging system.
  •  Documents and forms can be delivered through many channels and signature methods.