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Introducing DecisionLender 4: Tools for a Lending Revolution

Each and every day, your institution enters a digital combat zone—a loan origination battlefield. With constantly changing market dynamics, compliance challenges, new competition and digital-native customers who expect convenience and speedy loan decisions, you need a flexible system for direct, indirect, online/mobile and account opening. DecisionLender 4, the only truly configurable loan origination system, is your primary weapon in this loan origination revolution.

DecisionLender 4 ensures rapid deployment of changes, without any help from IT. It’s easy to learn and navigate, simple to use, and it features the latest cloud-based technology available as well as a responsive page design and the capability for lenders to self-administer system parameters and rules to adjust to dynamic market conditions.

Design each consumer lending product to conform to your needs

  • Configure consumer lending products such as indirect auto lending, online/mobile lending and branch lending to fit your needs.
  • Benefit from a highly configurable and intuitive loan origination system that puts ultimate design and workflow control in your hands. Make changes quickly without developer resources.

Increase flexibility with a robust loan origination system

  • Provide each employee with the tools and information they need to perform at an optimal level.
  • Create a new loan type or modify an existing one quickly.
  • Ensure that every consumer receives prompt, secure service with automated approvals, mailing and form distribution.

Enjoy unparalleled service and affordability

  • Increase efficiency and loan volume without adding new staff.
  • Get your newest loan products to market quickly to avoid potential lost opportunities.
  •  Access ongoing support through our training classes and videos.
  • Enjoy a fast, easy transition to the new LOS,regardless of your team’s current level of sophistication.