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Cross Sell Module

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The secret to a financial institution’s growth is increasing customer wallet share. We know this, in part, because a Fiserv report showed customers with just one account at their financial institution stayed with that institution an average of just 18 months. Yet with two products, the average accountholder stayed as many as four years. Cross-selling is the key to increasing your portfolio and maintaining consumer accounts, but finding new and innovative ways to engage your borrowers so they are interested in other products can be costly and time-consuming. Instead of creating a cross-sell marketing campaign that can be missed or overlooked by consumers, TCI’s DecisionLender 4 Cross Sell module offers a simpler solution that makes it easier to cross-sell accounts and loan products. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to further engage consumers and that you don’t leave opportunities on the table.

How it works

  • Notifications appear in the branch and in the online/mobile consumer portal informing associates and borrowers of additional direct and indirect products and accounts for which they are prequalified.
  • Cross-sell listings are dynamic and automatically reevaluate DTI, loan limits and other factors and update as borrowers accept offers.
  • Newly accepted opportunities generate a new application prepopulated with the applicant’s information. This application is then routed through the appropriate loan product work queue and decision engine.

Automate, control and conquer

  • Find new cross-sell opportunities by utilizing an existing borrower search tool. This “digital filing cabinet”identifies new qualified borrower opportunities automatically.
  • Track leads and generate reports on the performance of your cross-sell program.
  • Configure the cross-sell tool on the fly to develop marketing campaigns aimed at specific loan products.
  • Easily offer additional loan products and accounts to your borrowers while they use their phones to access the consumer portal.
  • Sell more loan products and increase the performance of loan officers with the ability to prioritize cross-sell suggestions.
  • Omnichannel cross-selling enabled. Utilize the cross-sell module across branch, indirect, online lending, and account opening.