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About Our Products

DecisionLender 4, designed to enable you to compete in any environment, feature-rich solution, perfect for meeting a diverse set of loan origination needs. It offers a streamlined and remarkably versatile platform that serves as a single-stop, cloud-based loan origination system for your entire consumer lending program. Our products enable you to meet your borrower anywhere and everywhere so you can compete with fintechs while staying on budget.

Simplify your entire loan origination process

  • Enjoy the simplicity, accessibility and security of a cloud-based loan origination solution forbranch, auto indirect, retail, and online lending.
  •  Design your direct, indirect and online/mobile lending process with the only completely configurable loan origination system.
  •  Gain a truly responsive design that conforms to any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop enabling you to engage your borrowers anywhere.
  •  Allow borrowers to easily complete the entire loan process from submitting an online/mobile loan application to uploading stipulations to e-signature and more…all from their smartphone.
  •  Adapt quickly to an ever evolving marketplace and meet changing consumer expectations.

Control and configure your lending workflow

  • Modify workflow and pages, without waiting for IT.
  • Expedite the underwriting process by automating your workflow and application life cycle.
  •  Define each employee’s role and lending limits.
  •  DecisionLender 4 offers demo, test, and production site versions enabling you to practice and test changes before implementation.
  •  Centralized database across all lending products eliminates separate data silos and provides tools for analysis and reports from a single-vendor system.
  •  Our robust reporting engine offers more than 50 standard reports and endless personalized reporting opportunities.

Loan types specific to your business and consumer needs

  • DecisionLender 4 supports multiple loan types:
    • automotive
    • furniture
    • solar
    • medical
    • dental
    • powersports
    • marine
    • credit cards


  • As well as:
    • traditional
    • sales
    • credit cards
    • secured/unsecured
    • installment
    • balloon
    • revolving
    • interest-only
  •  Easily modify existing loan types to meet your institution’s needs.
  • Create, design and configure unique workflow processes for your own unique loan types.

DecisionLender 4 supports and controls each loan type with:

1. Object model editor and creator: Allows DecisionLender 4 users to create and edit any field in the system. Editing options include custom formulas, drop-down boxes, check boxes, text fields, dates and more.

2. Page layout designer: Enables users to design the look and feel of their loan origination system. Includes the ability to add or delete fields, add custom objects, rearrange the layout of a page and create custom notifications.

3. Decision engine: DecisionLender4’s rules engine has the ability to score out an application, apply and enforce policy, identify documents needed in a contract package, automate stipulations and auto-decision applications.

4. Application life cycle: Facilitates the creation of custom workflows that are unique to your organization and by product.