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HELOC’s & Home Equity

Simplify your organization’s HELOC and home equity loan process with DecisionLender 4.

DecisionLender 4 (DL4) allows your institution to offer consumers their choice of home equity loans or HELOCs. It gives you the flexibility to offer fixed and variable terms, drawdown periods for HELOCs, adjusted amortization schedules with larger repayments, robust full LAR reporting to meet HMDA requirements, and so much more.

Control the workflow based on your institution’s needs
  • Make immediate rate changes without requiring tickets or IT resources
  • Define required application fields for submission and get automatic notifications for incomplete fields
  • Offer HELOCs or home equity loans in-branch or online
  • Create automatically populated fee templates for home equity loans with drop-down menus for taxes, government fees and escrow payments
  • Change the workflow by adjusting the tabs and information delivery to match your process
Accuracy and efficiency with integration and automation
  • Capture equity positions with automatically calculated LTV, CLTV and HCLTV
  • Instantly complete flood appraisals and searches during the application process and use collected data to auto-fill applications and forms
  • Immediately integrate with FirstClose for appraisals, flood certificates and more
  • Generate automated inspection orders for partner vendors
  • Auto-populate title information when using partner title vendors
Benefit from system-tracked compliance at all stages
  • Provides robust reporting options with a full LAR report data set, meeting HMDA requirements
  • Submits reports through a standard Questsoft report for compliance or manually upload to the FFEIC website
  • Tracks dates for disclosure document fulfillment
  • Automatically updates weekly APOR and check the spread between APOR and qualifying rate, instantly triggering requirements for high-priced mortgage loans (HPML) and high-cost equity loans under The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA)
  • Delivers notifications once escrow account requirement is triggered
  • Flags high-cost loans and locates nearby home counseling classes
  • Includes multiple loan status updates with date tracking for phases like order-out dates for appraisal, title and income verification, and final disclosures
DecisionLender 4 is the only loan origination system that gives you the tools necessary to configure your own home equity loan and HELOC product workflow. DL4 always ensures ongoing compliance and empowers your institution to continue meeting consumers where they want to do business.


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