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Paperless Process eCelerate

It’s not enough to accelerate your lending process. To keep up with today’s crowded and competitive lending marketplace, you have to do more. You have to eCelerate®. TCI’s eCelerate® process is fully integrated into DecisionLender 4, and it’s the paperless differentiator that gives lenders the ability to process a loan from application to disbursement with a completely paperless, cost-effective and customer-satisfying edge. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Application enters the system—from any source

  • The paperless process starts with an electronic application that can be entered from any source, including:
    • the branch
    • online
    • mobile phone or tablet
    • the DecisionLender portal
    • merchant point of sale
    • Dealertrack
    • RouteOne
    • CUDL

DecisionLender 4 automatically prepares the file and stipulations are electronically submitted

  • Everything needed for the application and file is digitally prepared according to your credit policies.
  • Stipulations can be electronically uploaded and attached to the application at any point—from any device, including in branch, at a merchant point of sale and online/mobile.

Closing loan package documents are prepopulated and sent for eSignature

  • Upon acceptance of loan and submission of digital stipulations, acompliant loan package is electronically generated with all the correct corresponding forms for that lending channel.
  • The prepopulated loan package is then electronically transmitted for signature.
  • Our eSignature process allows the loan package to be electronically signed at the consumer’s convenience, at any location—even if the cosigner is in an entirely different location.
  • After identity verification, the borrower enters the signing room and is walked through each step, ensuring that all forms in the loan package are completed correctly.
  •  A verifiable and legally enforceable signature is captured on every required document in the loan.

ACH files are digitally prepared

  • Once the approved loan is finalized, DecisionLender 4 generates the NACHA file and transmits it to your servicing system.
  • The loan package is transferred to the core in real time.