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Loan Types

There are no limits to the types of loans you can originate using DecisionLender 4. Whether you need direct loans, indirect loans or online/mobile loans, DecisionLender 4 supports all consumer lending loan types, excluding mortgages.

When setting up DecisionLender 4 with your configurable loan types, you have a couple of options. The first is to create a uniquely developed loan type, personalized to the needs of your institution and your borrowers. The second is to use the built-in configurations for a large number of loan types and payment types, including:

  • automotive
  • furniture
  •  solar
  •  medical
  •  dental
  •  powersports
  •  marine
  •  credit cards
  •  traditional
  •  sales
  •  secured/unsecured
  •  installment
  •  balloon
  •  revolving
  •  interest-only

The only loan origination system on the market capable of truly configuring to your business, DecisionLender 4 empowers you to use your choice of consumer loan type and to meet your customers anywhere and anytime.