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High-tech tools are ubiquitous, with everyone reading e-books, carrying tablets or using smartphones to talk, text and search the Web. The increasing prevalence of high-tech gadgets makes things like a traditional paper signature seem hopelessly old-fashioned … and that’s because it is. At TCI, we develop innovative ways to help you close more deals, and close all your deals faster. One way we do that is through eSignature. With eSignature, documents can be electronically signed in minutes, wherever and whenever your customer wants to do business, through a comprehensive electronic document service—seamlessly turning what was once an outmoded paper transaction into an e-transaction.

Authenticity, security and speed

  • Signers use the electronic signature service to authenticate, consent to and review documents.
  • Responsive design conforms itself to any device being used—e-sign on any device including the iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Borrowers receive electronic copies of all documents in the transaction via email or download.
  • Real-time retrieval of watermarked electronic copies of original documents for viewing, printing or input to imaging and other downstream systems.
  • Record consumer disclosure and consent to comply with UETA and ESIGN requirements.
  • Maintain compliance with corporate and regulatory retention requirements for business transactions and documents.
  • Convert electronically signed documents to paper originals, with the same legal standing and effect as paper signed documents.
  • DecisionLender 4 supports multiple eSignature providers.