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Data Corral

Financial institutions just like yours are collecting more data than ever before, but you need the right tools to store, organize and analyze that data. TCI provides you with the necessary database blueprint schema to automate complex data organization. Our real-time database is constantly updated in SQL format and you can choose between self-hosting or cloud-based hosting with immediate and ongoing accessibility through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Analyze when you want, how you want

  •  Receive real-time data in an already structured format using a data replication mechanism.
  • Gain full control over your institution’s data at all times, enabling you to get the answers you need with the analytical tools you prefer, including Tableau Analytics, Domo, Crystal Reports and more.
  • Capitalize on the data replication schema by importing and integrating DecisionLender 4 data, 3rd party data, and your core system data in one location.

Get full control and better insights

  • Deepen insight capabilities by accessing more than application data, analyze your rules data, decision data, user data and more!
  •  Analyze your data at any time or schedule analysis at regular intervals.
  • See all your data in real time.
  •  Run analytics on your SQL format structured data to tune your decisioning model and increase your automated decisioning capabilities.

Choose to host and manage your own server or use our AWS cloud.