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Data leads us to insight—but we can’t find our way to that insight without having the right tools and analytics capabilities to parse the information we collect. And deciding to act on what we learn is almost impossible without the ability to measure the impact our actions will have. With DecisionLender 4’s data collection and analytics tools, you can transform data into decreased risk and increased insights by measuring the potential impact of rule changes and other adjustments.

Gather and review more information

  • Build reports from scratch with custom-defined columns and graphs using drop-and-drag controls.
  •  Monitor performance with a robust suite of automatically generated reports.
  • Use more than 50 report templates that can be scheduled or configured.
  •  Data can be exported or report exported as CSV, Excel or PDF.

Allow data to drive action with Champion Challenger

  • Analyze decision rules to see what changes can promote better outcomes.
  •  Explore frequent manual overrides to determine whether rules need adjustment to enable more auto-approvals.
  • Pass existing completed application data through a Challenger scorecard (new set of rules) to compare different application decision outcomes.
  • Run a percentage of new applications through a Champion scorecard, and the remaining percentage through a Challenger scorecard to determine which will increase positive decisioning (A/B testing).
  •  Get fact-based data analysis for auto-decisioning.
  • Identify redundancies and inefficiencies in rules.
  • Measure different outcomes made through tweaking your scorecard to adjust for frequently overruled declines and determine the effectiveness of adding a stipulation to mitigate risk.
  • Weigh data from a legacy loan origination system and compare it to DecisionLender 4.
  •  Automatically compare DecisionLender 4 rules setup with your legacy system to measure variances.