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Features & Benefits

With DecisionLender 4 as your primary tool in the lending revolution, you gain a collection of innovative resources that can help you disrupt lending in your marketplace. This innovative loan origination software gives lenders the ability to affordably gain full control over their lending workflow and analysis with flexible software that can be configured your way!

Robust rules engine

  • Immediately implement and update credit policies for each loan type, whether it’s secured or unsecured, direct, indirect, online/mobile, automobile, powersports, retail or merchant lending.
  • Select the rules and values that comprise your credit scorecard and make them live on the same day or schedule them for a future time.
  • Control your system and your workflow with complete configurability—no more waiting for tickets to be coded and deployed.
  • Build your own rules for prescreen, common, tier and funding.
  • Designate multilevel compound rules that have a cascading effect to achieve the exact output you want.
  • Build your own rules based on parsed credit attributes from the 3 major credit bureaus. Over 30,000 rules!
  • Gain a robust rules engine with a rule classification system, allowing for separate and unique rules for documents, rate adjustment, stipulations, tiers and more.
  • Automatically assign appropriate stipulations to each deal and allow borrowers to upload stipulations from their phone, at their convenience.
  • Avoid inconsistently applied “one-off” stipulations leading to disparate impact and compliance problems.
  • Use our object model to create configurable fields without waiting for IT.

Intelligent automation

  • Design a unique work queue that meets your needs for each individual loan type.
  • Assign a workflow within each loan type that routes an application to the appropriate next step or direct your best opportunities or consumers to the top of the queue.
  • Tie authorization and permission levels to roles so that decisions are automatically driven to the appropriate authority level.
  • Choose whether to centralize or decentralize underwriting.
  • Update and establish unique policy thresholds.
  • Easily move between deal structures with automated versioning before selecting the final version.
  • Define a unique entity, such as a group of states or a market area, within a loan type and apply controls applicable to that group.
  • Develop a standard and consistent decline process with automatic assignment of adverse action reasons or user-defined reasons chosen from a drop-down list.
  • Create a paperless workflow.
  • Intelligently automate your workflow with auto-decisioning and automated counteroffers.

Easy auditing and compliance

  • Enjoy the convenience, efficiency and ease of a complete audit trail and run both configuration audits and operational audits.
  • Automatically track and record all setup functions, features, and admin changes.
  • Enforce your credit policy and severity levels with configured rules and ensure policies are not overridden unless the assigned severity level is within the user’s authority level.
  • Improve compliance with integrated print and mail service with automated mailing of adverse action letters.
  • Enforce your own credit policies through real-time exception tracking, override enforcement, and management concurrence that can be configured by each user’s role.
  • Get active system alerts indicating changes to the system.

Intelligent alerts and notifications

  • Automatically direct actionable alerts to the appropriate user, including directives to process an application from a critical loan source.
  • Distribute information and announcements in one action to all specified staff groups, keeping them up-to-date on new procedures or critical updates.