Analyze When You Want, How You Want

For many lenders, the struggle with data analysis starts with organizing the data into useable sets. With a traditional data dump, lenders spend hours parsing the tangled ball of data into consistent, easily queried fields. TCI’s Data Depot enables a lender to receive their data in real time in an already structured form using a data replication mechanism. This gives you full control over your institution’s data at all times, enabling you to get the answers you need with the analytical tools you prefer.

TCI provides you with the necessary database schema to maintain and control your DecisionLender 4 generated data. Doing this from scratch can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The schema is a database “blueprint” that organizes the data for you. This eliminates the need to “map” your data into useable datasets. Our system is geared to replicate data from DecisionLender 4 in real time.

The Data Depot helps your organization to be fast and nimble:

  • By utilizing the Data Depot schema, you can import and integrate DecisionLender 4 data and other data into your database and use any third party analytical and reporting tools.
  • Our Data Depot not only contains application data, but it also gives you your rules data, dealers, and configuration data. With more data, you have more insight!
  • You have the flexibility to interpret your data with any analytical or reporting tools like: Tableau Analytics, Domo, Crystal Reports and more!
  • You have the power of full administrative privileges over your data, allowing you to analyze your data at any time. You can crunch your data around the clock—or schedule reports at regular intervals.

Analysis can include:

  • Comparing the decisioning of DecisionLender 4 against the performance of your loan portfolio to adjust your underwriting criteria
  • Run analytics on your structured data to tune your decisioning model to increase your automated decisioning

You can choose your hosting strategy:

  • TCI can host the Data Depot in the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS); this cloud-based strategy allows you to quickly configure the system to expand as your data warehouse grows—without incurring capital expenses.
  • You can host and manage your own server for the Data Depot to transmit real time data by utilizing a VPN, into your own data server.

DecisionLender 4 combined with the Data Depot will give you greater control, faster access to your data, and more opportunity for data analysis. Delve deeper into your data, and maximize your profitability by taking full control of your operational data!

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