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TCI Delivers Safe, Secure, Integrated Online Consumer Loan Solution:

Meeting your Borrowers Where They Are—Online Lending, Mobile Lending, Anywhere, Anytime

Today’s world operates virtually, with people conditioned to 24/7 access to news, shopping, email, they expect an ANY TIME ANY PLACE UNIVERSE. Likewise, your borrower expects a mobile-friendly, online experience for their financing needs as well. DecisionLender’s flexible and configurable cloud-based online lending software solution delivers this, giving you round-the-clock online loan origination capability with robust safeguards and multiple fraud risk controls.

Just as you’ve relied on TCI’s online lending software DecisionLender for a comprehensive, integrated lending solution, you can now count on us to take you to the next level: providing an intuitive portal for online lending so your borrowers can apply for loans 24/7 at their convenience, using any PC, mobile or web-based device. Our fully integrated online lending software solution encompasses every aspect of the lending process:

  • mobile-ready
  • fully configurable online lending portal
  • borrower-friendly application process
  • fully compliant origination process
  • simple and secure eSignature
  • multiple fund transfer options
  • automated data transfer to your servicing platform

We offer a seamless and safe online lending software experience for you and more importantly, for your borrower.

Multiple Benefits

DecisionLender online lending software enables you to receive and process consumer loan applications, for both secured and unsecured loans, optimized for any Internet device your customer is using: mobile device to tablet to laptop. The benefits of our integrated solution are numerous:

  • Highly Configurable: You, as system administrator, can customize the online loan application process to fit your required parameters (e.g. the states where you do business, types of loans, loan limits); you can modify or add fields and rules. Make rule or program changes at any time without IT or developer resources. DecisionLender 4 allows you to receive online loan applications using DecisionLender’s integrated consumer portal or from any web-based source, broadening and targeting your customer base. And the entire process can be 100% automated or as hands-on as you wish.
  • Variable Loan Types and Document Package: Our online loan origination solution can be customized for multiple consumer loan types. The customer selects the loan type from a drop-down menu, and from here the system automatically selects the process including the correct application and loan document package specified by your institution. As with DecisionLender 4, documents are fully customizable from an admin-customizable drop-down menu.
  • DecisionLender 4 Decisioning Performance: All DecisionLender 4 products share the same powerful decisioning and rules engine, as-well-as:
    • Configurable policy violations-formulate the authority level for each role and limit override only to individuals with proper authority
    • Customizable rules using either DecisionLender 4 ’s pre-defined rule library or create your own rule
    • Integration to Salesforce for CRM capabilities
    • Fully auto-decisioned loan approval process, or an underwriter can review applications that fall into parameters of your choosing

How It Works

TCI’s online lending software provides a cloud-based online lending portal which is fully configurable with your branding and style—it looks and feels like your institution, and thus is familiar and trusted by your borrower. Screens and layout are configured to gather applicant data to your specifications and for your existing members/customers, your servicing platform data can be queried to retrieve information to populate forms and utilize additional data in the decision matrix.

Online Lending 647 high

Once the customer completes the application by entering “submit,” the data is processed through our DecisionLender 4 decision engine, either automated or manual per your lending rules and work flow requirements. An approved applicant receives notification, and their identity is authenticated using Trans Union or LexisNexis per your preferred method of authentication such as a one-time SMS passcode or out-of-wallet questions. When they pass authentication and accept the terms, our fully-automated process selects the appropriate forms or documents based upon loan type/state requirements to create a loan package. Should the applicant fail ID authentication, they receive notice that an underwriter will call them or they can go in person to the institution.

The applicant receives an invitation into the secure signing vault utilizing eOriginal, which verifies applicant identity. The borrower, at their convenience, must sign and date the entire package before the loan can be submitted. A completed loan package is stored as a verified original by eOriginal or other eSignature platform. If the loan requires a cosigner then this step can be included in your process. Once the signing process is complete and the applicant clicks “Finish,” they receive a customizable “Thank You” from your institution. Fund transfer options include ACH (manual or automatic) into their account or funds deposited to a credit/debit card depending on lender preference.


The loan application, decisioning and funding cycle is complete, all via convenient, efficient and secure online interaction. Data can be transferred to the loan servicing system, and the entire processes is 100% auditing compliant.

Complete Underwriting Cycle

In summary, DecisionLender’s online loan solution delivers a nimble, secure process from application to origination to funding to eSignature, ACH and data integration with your core servicing platform – a complete lending cycle-all controllable by you. Your borrower engages in a simple lending process including a fast response to their financing needs; because of our simple and convenient process, you can deliver quicker loan approvals thus achieving higher loan volumes while increasing borrower satisfaction.



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