DecisionLender: Lite

Get the competitive advantage of web-based automation, affordably.

TCI’s DecisionLender Lite is a cloud-based, SaaS (software as a service), loan origination system for indirect auto lending. Our loan origination system provides an easy way to finance cars through reliable auto loan lenders. Auto dealers want a fast response to loan requests, consequently, the highest quality loans go to the lender that responds first. DecisionLender Lite helps you to control your lending process to finance cars because all loans are decisioned consistently. Unacceptable applications from auto loan lenders are declined, while you bid for the best loans FAST!

Decision Lender: Lite makes it easy to finance cars by working smarter.

Utilizing DecisionLender Lite for auto loan applications to finance cars, will be routed directly into your branded website from DealerTrack and RouteOne – or – your approved auto dealer can send an auto loan lender application directly to your LOS (loan origination system). Re-keying of data is completely eliminated thus avoiding errors. The application data, the N.A.D.A. value (if applicable) and the credit report will be used to decision a loan. The Underwriting Summary page displays key loan criteria. From this page, the underwriter will be able to “work” the file and perform tasks such as:

Review Underwriting Summary

  • View how applicant compares with lending rules such as  loan ratios (e.g. DTI, LTV, PTI)
  • View credit report
  • Perform tradeline edit functions
  • Rehash and restructure the loan to finance cars, and much more…

Simply Faster

The underwriter has all of the data and tools available  to make a decision about auto loan lenders. “Approved,” ”Counter Offered” or “Declined” decisions can be routed through the dealer portal, email or fax to notify the dealer in minutes. Since DecisionLender Lite is web-based, a lender underwriter can work files on the weekends when auto dealers want a decision the most!

Start improving your loan process today. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to get started with DecisionLender Lite to finance cars and find quality auto loan lenders.

DecisionLender Lite Features

  • Your branded website with your logo
  • Automatically receives loan applications from auto loan lenders like DealerTrack and RouteOne and can receive applications directly from the auto dealer or accept input of applications at the auto loan lender
  • Pulls the credit report from your credit bureau of choice and generates a loan folder that provides all the information needed to make a decision (approve, counter offer, decline)
  • Automatically calculates LTV based on auto values from N.A.D.A. and Kelley Blue Book
  • Returns fax and email responses to the auto dealers
  • Generates adverse action letters (optional)
  • Utilizes a standard scorecard of 25 rules that enables auto loan lenders to insert their own values
  • Dealer Reserve Calculator automatically computes dealer reserve amounts
  • Email notification alerts let you know when a new application has been submitted from car dealers
  • Management reports can be run at any time. You get real time month end reporting:
    1. Applications Submitted by Dealer
    2. Decision Status Summary by Dealer
    3. Declined Applications
    4. Dealer Funded Loan
    5. Loan Officer Activity


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