DecisionLender 4 Account Opening Module

Making connections easier

Customers want to connect with their financial institutions as easily as they check the weather and getcross-table-hand-shake_925x directions to a restaurant. Our Account Opening Module is an add-on utilized in conjunction with DecisionLender 4 to simplify the account opening experience for your customers. The Account Opening Module is designed to allow your customers the convenience they demand, and the security they expect, when opening an account. Of course, your customers see your logo, and experience your brand’s look and feel, and behind the scenes the module allows you to interface with third parties such as your core processor or data providers. Also, by utilizing the incorporated analytic module you’re able to design your process to be more customer centric.

The Account Opening Module is available 24/7- whether your customer is walking into a branch while running errands, sitting at his computer at home after putting the kids to bed, or using her phone on a lunch break. Its ease makes it simple for customers to navigate, while making it easier for you to deepen your relationships with customers and manage their accounts with better accuracy and lower costs.

The modules navigation is intuitive: The program opens to present a menu of choices—a checking account, a certificate of deposit, holiday savings, or other products. The user picks what product they want, and the appropriate application screen appears. This entire process is accelerated through the use of single sign-on, which reduces the need for your customers to rekey any of their personal information if they’ve already signed onto their online banking account.

Once the initial form is completed, the Account Opening Module:

  • Verifies the user’s identity
  • Asks the user to name account beneficiaries when required
  • Presents disclosures or authorization documents for the user to approve or reject
  • If the user agrees, the application runs through the approval process.

After verifying the users identify, requesting beneficiaries, presenting disclosers, and running through the approval process, an approval response will be sent back to the user. If the account opening request is approved, the module proceeds to the next steps.

If your institution requires stipulations, our Account Opening Module can help users clear that common roadblocks. If the user is on a mobile device, its camera will activate, allowing the customer to take a photo of a driver’s license, pay stub or other stipulation document. They can also upload a photo, PDF or other electronic document from their device. Once the stipulations are fulfilled, the customer enters a protected e-signing room to complete the application, which is filed directly into your core system.

Key features:

Mobile Design: You communicate clearly

More and more of your customers communicate through their phones. The Account Opening Module allows your institution to bond tightly with your customers through a module that is designed to be seen clearly on any phone or tablet and respond intuitively to touch. The process will be so smooth your customers might not notice, but fewer will be frustrated into abandoning their application. That’s something you will notice.

Analytics: You listen

The analytics included in our Account Opening Module are designed to do some of the same tasks you would expect of a loan officer or a branch employee: listen, observe, ask good questions and provide appropriate information. The analytics can track abandonment rates, customer time spent on each page, and analyze the relationships between the data points. Processing this information will help you to provide your customers with the choices they want, when they are most likely to need them. You can detect bottlenecks early, and test solutions reliably. For example, you can use the module’s customization and analytic capabilities to create multiple account opening applications to run A vs. B comparisons to map the optimum route that lowers abandonment rates. Analytics combined with the ease of self-configuration of DecisionLender 4, allows you to constantly improve your application process and increase your profitability.

Cross-Sell: You Recognize Your Customers’ Needs

Our Account Opening Module is fully integrated with our Cross Sell Module.  By connecting to your core system, it’s possible for our Account Opening Module to easily determine and present additional relevant loan products to your customer—strengthening the relationship with your customer and increasing retention rates…ergo higher profitability!

Customizable: You adapt

The Account Opening Module is used within DecisionLender 4.  Your institution wants to be nimble enough to change when the circumstances require it, and opportunities arise. DecisionLender 4 is designed to allow your managers to customize the entire workflow and application pages without pulling in IT specialists. For example, you can quickly change protocols to run weekend or holiday specials for customers to open a new account with your institution.

Single Sign-On: You remember your customers

Imagine a long-time customer walking into a branch seeking a car loan. She might feel disrespected if an employee with a blank stare shoved a form across the desk and asked her to write down her name and address. Single sign-on is not only about efficiency, it’s about providing the cues that let your customers know you remember them and value them. No matter what new account or loan they might seek, the Account Opening Module can automatically pre-populate the application with the customer’s information stored in your core system. No wonder this simple step reduces application abandonment.

Core System Integration: You share with the team

DecisionLender 4’s Account Opening Module integrates with your core system. Once a customer opens an account, the data is transferred to your core system, maintaining accuracy. If your servicing system permits two-way integration, data can be extracted from the core to populate demographic information in the Account Opening Module, increasing customer convenience and reducing their frustration from requests for information or documents they’ve already provided (See Single Sign-On)

Product Selection Screen is the first page presented to customers.

The eligibility page allows users to shortcut the process by signaling that they’re already a customer.

New customers will have blanks in all fields of the application.

DecisionLender 4’s Account Opening Module provides your customers the smooth and seamless experience your customers expect—increasing your efficiency and enhancing your brand. You can constantly improve your performance with its analytics. And with the DecisionLender 4 Cross Sell Module, you can offer customers precisely the additional loans they want, when they want them.

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