DecisionLender 4 is an elegant solution suitable for diverse loan origination needs, a platform that is both streamlined and remarkably versatile—a one-stop cloud based loan origination software for all of your consumer lending programs.

With our four different editions, DecisionLender 4 offers a universal and best of breed approach to loan origination software. DecisionLender 4 handles all of your lending programs’ special needs, all configurable without IT or programmer resources! Whether it’s access to any data source, or to a completely configurable workflow, or to a decision model structured your way and analytics and reports designed for your unique view-that’s what our loan origination system is about.

Each lending product edition includes DecisionLender 4’s unique benefits, such as customizable dashboard, ability to add fields to a page, roles that define each person’s function, eCelerate and stringent compliance. DecisionLender 4 also offers mobile-ready responsive page design on all editions, putting mobile loan origination software within reach of any lender. In addition, our all-in-one loan origination software system means:

  • One lending solution to learn and one system to manage
  • Centralized data across lending programs for readily available analysis and reports
  • Lower operating costs and peace of mind working with only one vendor
  • Flexible configuration so each edition meets your loan type specifications