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Today, the word compliance has taken on a new meaning. Not only do institutions have to comply with constantly changing regulatory directives, but they also must comply with mandated and enforced internal regulatory compliance policies. To avoid compliance issues, financial institutions need advanced tools to monitor, detect, enforce and manage regulations, policies, stipulations, limits and guidelines.

Monitor, manage and ensure internal compliance with ease

  •  Define role permissions and authorities as well as roles-based exception authorization levels, ensuring decisions are elevated to the right level.
  • Automate rules-based policy violation identification and rules-based stipulation generation with assigned severity levels.
  • Finely tune lending and exception override limits.
  •  Receive real-time fraud prevention and alerts from all bureaus.

Research, track, view and print audit details

  • Analyze historical activity with stipulation tracking and review exceptions reporting while verifying that loans are within policy.
  • Review activity anytime with administrative-level audits and application-level audits.

Integrated calculations and Regulation Z compliance

  • Gain robust, compliant calculations with the integrated calculation engine from Carleton, ensuring Regulation Z enforcement for:
    • state maximums by loan type, term, etc.
  • tolerance enforcement for:
    •  APR
    • amount financed
    •  payment calculations
    •  odd days
    •  final and balloon-payments calculations
    •  fee validations
    •  includes all 50 states plus territories