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AI Document Management

Accurate data mapping is one of the most critical steps toward ensuring your data is correctly presented on your institution’s forms. Even the smallest mistake on a prefilled form can be a nightmare and a compliance headache. Traditional document mapping takes several hours per form, is expensive, and forms continually need updates. Data mapping is the process of routing data to the correct field on a document. For example, for a loan origination solution to automatically produce a contract, it will need to have information such as the interest rate, loan amount, and personal information in the correct fields. Data mapping ensures that the loan origination data is accurately routed to the correct field on the correct form. Easy, fast, customizable data mapping Traditionally, custom mapping instructions were submitted through additional forms and spreadsheets. This required tedious attention to detail to ensure accuracy, while still risking the likelihood of errors. DecisionLender 4 revolutionizes the document mapping process by using artificial intelligence via natural language understanding (NLU). NLU is a form of machine reading comprehension. It means that our loan origination solution (LOS) can now instantly read natural English-language forms and fields and automatically route data to the right location. DecisionLender 4’s new natural language processing and machine learning capabilities make mapping a fast, easy, and accurate process for all forms, regardless of source, including the loan application, contracts, membership agreements and disclosures.

How does it work? Upload your document and let DecisionLender 4 use natural language understanding to automatically identify each field for data mapping, then route the origination data to the correct field in your document.
  • The NLU “reads” the plain English on the uploaded form and automatically maps each field
  • The NLU learns every time a document is mapped, reducing the need for future custom mapping
  • Any form can be auto-mapped, whether it’s proprietary to your institution or from a provider like Wolters Kluwer
  • Form maintenance is easy and faster than ever – no need for vendor assistance, you can update any form without IT resources
  • Centralize all your forms inside DecisionLender 4, making it easier than ever to maintain old forms and enter new forms
  • When the NLU cannot understand a field and is unable to automatically map it, your institution can manually custom-match the origination data to the appropriate field
  • Automatic mapping can be overridden, so if data is incorrectly mapped or if your institution has a specialized approach to mapping a document, you can instantly reroute where each field is mapped
Automatic document mapping using natural English language understanding dramatically accelerates the process of mapping forms in DecisionLender 4. Compared to a slow manual document mapping process, the NLU ensures that each institution completely controls its documents and benefits from reduced mapping time and cost.

The ability for institutions to update forms whenever necessary empowers them with an unmatched capacity to instantly incorporate new company or compliance requirements. DecisionLender 4 is the only LOS with NLU document mapping that saves your institution time and money! Request a demo of DecisionLender 4, the LOS that gives you more!


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