In 1998 TCI changed the lending landscape by introducing the first cloud-based SaaS loan origination solution developed specifically for the Internet.  In the decades since, TCI continued to evolve the lending process by enabling our customers to completely eliminate as much of the paper process as they desired. But new technology tools and a rapidly evolving lending landscape required a break from the past.  A blank page, a fresh start, so that all the input from our customers could be combined with our creative energy to create a revolutionary product.  Our customers wanted new capabilities- dashboards, analytics, full control of the workflow, compliancy- the flexibility to create their own lending environment without requiring IT resources or developers.  Easily enabling a lenders unique marketplace needs, DecisionLender4 is a market transformative experience.

As the foremost industry expert, TCI continues to lead in both product innovation and customer satisfaction. TCI’s experts are required to have real world experience in lending either at a bank, credit union or independent finance company.  Therefore, we can relate to our clients’ need for customization and control, and thus our fully integrated loan origination solution is designed for flexibility, performance and faster, more efficient loan processing. This gives our clients the competitive edge in a rapidly changing lending market. And our customer service doesn’t end after training and go-live; the relationship is ongoing, with visits to our customers to learn directly from you how we can continue to adapt our products to meet your needs in this dynamic lending environment.

Whatever your lending landscape, gain the TCI advantage:

  • Auto, indirect, online, and direct lending experts
  • In-house Client Support Specialists, Project Coordinators, and IT staff manage all customer needs
  • Mobile technology experts
  • Compliancy experts

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